Goose Fair

The Nottingham Goose Fair is one of the most famous and prestigious fairs in the UK. This much-anticipated annual event takes place over four days in the first week of October at the Forest Recreation Ground. Visitors travel from across Nottinghamshire and surrounding counties to enjoy fairground rides, burgers, hot dogs, candyfloss and to soak up the atmosphere. Interestingly, the Goose Fair started out as a trade event and known, amongst other things, for its high-quality cheeses. Historians think that the fair started around 1284 as city fairs in Nottingham started to appear in the Charter of King Edward I after this date. The name ‘Goose Fair’ is believed to originate from the practice of driving thousands of geese from Lincolnshire to be sold in Nottinghamshire. It is one of only three fairs in the UK to carry the name, the other two being in Tavistock, Devon and Colyford, East Devon. It has been held annually for over 700 years with its only cancellations being in 1646 during the bubonic plague and during World Wars 1 and 2.

You can experience this iconic fair through history with some great photos taken over the past hundred years. If you find a picture you like you can buy it as a framed print, canvas print or add it to a personalised gift.

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